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First Ever Kidlit Bloggers’ Conference

Do you ever read about something and think, well it would be nice but? That is what I have been doing since I read about the Kidlitosphere Conference. The first one, the inaugural one.

I mean I am attending the Oregon Library Fall Conference in Seaside, Oregon the following week.  Then the AASL Conference later in Reno, Nevada.

But the more I thought about it, I realized that I would be forever wishing I had gone. I didn’t want to that nagging thought about the time I passed up a special event like the way I think about these really cool pansy earrings I passed on buying years ago.

 So today I signed up.

Are you interested?  Visit Robin Brande at her website for details.

Happy Reading.


Poetry Friday: It is Happening Here

This week's poem has been sitting on my desk all summer.  A third grade girl handed it to me just as school was ending.  I love how in the moment it is. 

Summer Day 

I look out my
window. I see 
brown dog on the
hot  black top. 

I know it's

 --Kelli, 3rd grade.

Summer has been a time for me to observe my backyard world just as Kelli observed her world.  Hummingbirds have entertained me with their dive bomb antics.  My garden is weedy, just haven't made time to weed. And the spotted towhees are very busy. 

I am having trouble with "Mr. Linky". So today we will do it the old fashion way. Please leave your URL in the comments and I will check in to add to the list.  Journey Woman and Wild Rose Reader got an early start. Elaine also left one at Blue Rose Girl. Little Willow shares a poem about moving too fast here.  Kelly at gives a checklist poem at Big A, little a.  Sylvia has a birthday tribute to Paul Janeczko over at Poetry for Children.  Over at Book Mind Set, is a review of Earle Birney's poetry. Alkelda the Gleeful gives us a Carl Sandburg poem and 7-IMP treats us to a Neil Gaimen poem. Literacy Teacher hopes you will stop by to see this week's offering. Sara shares her daughter's poem, published in The Blue Mirror, the school's literacy magazine. It is Hilaire Beloc's birthday today, Semicolon honors the day with a poem. Mother Reader is once again inspired by summer. Find her original poem here. Becky has a poem for us about two elephants. Grief is the subject at Amick's Articles. Cloudscome at A Wrung Sponge also shares an original poem. Mary Lee at A Year of Reading found a poem that reflects three books she recently reviewed.  

Part Two: I stepped away and returned to find these entries. Michele has a John Clare poem at Scholar's Blog. TadMack is including one on joy. (which after this week I need a joyful poem). Are you in the mood for somthing Latin. Head to Pixie Palance for a translation of a poem by Catuluss. Suzanne shares her love of Beowolf with us today at Adventures in Daily Living. Sam Riddleburger shares a Yeat's poem with us. Liz shares Raggedy Man over at A Chair, A Fireplace, and a Tea Cozy. David shares about Ruth Kraus and abiguity.  Be sure to welcome Julie as she contribues her first poem for PF. Susan at Chicken Spaghetti shares a Jane Yolen poem with us.

But wait there's more.  This just in from Fuse #8. A little Susan Ramsey for us to enjoy. And Kelly Fineman has also posted a William Wordsworth sonnet. Happy Reading. MsMac

Monday Matters: Harry Potter

Whew! I have been traveling and with guests this month. I re-read my list of books to read and hmmm, I have to tell you I am a little scared.  I have been reading, just not the books listed.

I finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallowsyesterday. This was after picking up my book on Saturday morning. I literally spent Saturday either napping or reading. I got up and went to Sunday service, where someone kindly informed me about Harry.  It only confirmed the feeling I had after reading the first half of the book. But still, I hate when people do that. 

I parked myself outside in my favorite reading chair and read until the finish.  It was overcast so I didn’t realize until later that afternoon how sunburned my shins got. 

I am pleased with the final chapter of the Harry Potter series. It was intense and filled with enough twists and turns to keep the reader guessing.  The thing I am most pleased about is that it will be on the library shelf for my school. I always worried that the last installment might be too old for elementary school.  But Rowling has written a story which can be enjoyed on many different levels.

I am so glad that this summer I have listened to almost all the previous books. (I skipped book 5 and saw the movie instead).  I was reminded of many things I had forgotten over the years, particularly the complexity of the Tri Wizard tournament in book four.  I will be finishing book six and then listen to book seven. I really like Jim Dale’s reading of the series.

My aunt was visiting just before the release. We discussed the impact that this series has had on kids and reading.  Kids age eight when first starting to read Harry Potter, are now the same age as Harry. They are on the brink of adulthood.  For many, this is the book that made a significant impact on their reading life.  Island of the Blue Dolphinsand the Tolkein trilogy did that for me.

What books impacted you?  Happy Reading.