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Poetry Friday

Honeybee, Hagerman, ID

Thanks to Naomi Shihab Nye’s new book, Honeybee, my summer has been spent observing the honeybees.

This photo reminded me of the poem on the back of the book, “Honeybee”.

Dipping into the flower zone
Soaking up directions
Finding our ways in the dark
Fat little pollen baskets
Pluming our legs
Round dance
Waggle dance
Only 5 species of honeybee
Among 20,000 bee species

Out there in the far fields
Something has changed but
You don’t know what it is yet
And everything depends
On us

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Poetry Friday: Pod Cast Woes

Ahbre, Tasha, Melissa, Brent and Austin listening to Katie Davis.

a pod cast newbie
test looms over addled brain
summer explore time

This is the state of me.  Last week I did my first author interview with kids and author Katie Davis.  The students read her first novel, The Curse of Addy McMahon, published in April. Perhaps I have the curse. Sound quality was awful. I really wanted to get it right so following my discovery I called the students back.  I taped them as a round table discussion about the interview. Still sound quality when I uploaded to the computer.

What I wanted to do last weekend was spend time getting the pod cast to work.  What I had to do was study for the upcoming national boards test on June 14.  I know me.  To involve myself in the pod cast experiment would have consumed my time followed by panic for not studying.

So the pod cast adventure is on hold until summer.  I have written up the interview from my notes (thankfully I took notes) and will post the interview later today.  If you have not read The Curse of Addy McMahon, get it for your summertime reading.  It is a fun and original new entry to the middle grade world.

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Poetry Friday: Haiku from Mrs. Fisher’s Class

Here are three entries as a follow-up to the wonderful poetry unit that Mrs. Fisher’s class did.

A red velvet scarf
sits, alone and forgotten
awaiting winter.

Alone, petite tree.
Overshadowed with weather,
An only child.

Awaits patiently
still, silent. Staring at me
there in the moon light.


Are they not great images?

I am very excited to have been selected to run a “Poetry as Writer’s Workshop” for my district’s teachers in August.  Now I have to get organized.

I have an orignal poem over at Deowriter today.

Happy reading.