Liza Woodruff: “Shoveling” in the Bids for Robert’s Snow


Ooh, I shiver looking at the little dog in the snowstorm and the hot cocoa looks so warm and inviting. This is Liza Woodruff’s third snowflake for the  Robert’s Snow Auction. This auction benefits the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in the memory of Robert Mercer, a life cut short by cancer.

            “Shoveling”, inspired by one of the last big snowstorms to hit Vermont (home for Liza), is this year’s theme.  Her family shoveled an incredible amount of snow in order that the children could wait for the school bus (Hmmm, in Portland, OR, school would have been closed),  There is nothing like shoveling to get your mind thinking about a steamy warm cup of hot chocolate.  Liza imagined this little dog dreaming the same thing after he finished shoveling the path to his front door.  Liza lives near the Canadian boarder with her husband, two children and dog Isle (snow shoveler in training).

Liza is currently working on an adorable book for Dutton called Do You Like to Kiss a Dog?.
It should be published in Fall 2008. Liza mainly illustrates , but she is working on some ideas for her own stories, as well.

Some random questions for my snowflake artist: 

What is on your nightstand?
I am currently reading The Memory Keeper’s Daughter, by Kim Edwards and The Queen of the Tambourine, by Jane Gardam.

Chocolate: Dark, milk, or white?

I really wouldn’t say no to any chocolate, but I guess if I had to pick one, it would be milk chocolate
Favorite childhood book?

As a child, I loved the book The Secret Garden.  I also loved many picture books- the book Miss Suzy, especially.
Whom would you like to meet?
The person I would have most loved to meet, Roald Dahl, is no longer with us, unfortunately.

If you were not an artist, what occupation would you choose?
If I weren’t an artist, I would love to be a veterinarian

Finally, participation in this auction has been especially meaningful to Liza.  She, too, has a close family friend who is struggling with cancer and it has been difficult to see him so sick. Please visit the other illustrators today and get ready to start bidding on these wonderful treasures of original art while helping to raise money for cancer research.

Happy Reading.


9 thoughts on “Liza Woodruff: “Shoveling” in the Bids for Robert’s Snow

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  4. Oh, I like that one. Do You Like to Kiss a Dog sounds right up Jr.’s alley, too. I look forward to seeing it.

    Have you noticed how many illustrators live in Vermont? What’s up with that? (I love Vermont, too.)

  5. I really love this one, especially as the cold-weather necessity takes me out of doors. Thank God for hot chocolate and the cherry warmth of the color red to balance out the icy blue.

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