Poetry Friday: First Friday

The past two Fridays whizzed by me.  It is a case of nose to the grindstone as I am in the taping portion of the nationals boards.  A lot of taping.  Your want that money shot, the best ten -fifteen minutes to write about. 

However, Poetry Lunch Thursdays is zipping along.  Our group is growing both in number and taking risks.  The kids whom have been with my since last year’s after school group are beginning to shape their poems.  This is exciting!  They are looking at word choice!  I told Sabrina yesterday that she is beyond “good” (a word she used in her poem) and she made changes.

The new to poetry are taking risks, some were not sure about coming and they are showing up.  A new fifth grader wasn’t sure her poem was good enough.  (you should see some of her drafts, powerful thoughts).

In an encouraging moment, Clare let the new poets know that “real writers” leave comments on my blog.

So without further adieu this week’s submissions:

Sun and rain
So so bright
Rain so clear
Sun so light
Rain so blurry
Even gray makes
Sun go away
Sun comes back the next day
Will light the sky
Be so bright
Rain will go in fright
Come back tomorrow
–Maykayla, 4th grade


Round, square, everywhere
Buttons, buttons, buttons
Dots and holes and little moles
Buttons, buttons, buttons,
I see one
You see three
I love buttons
–Melissa, 5th grade

Globe of life
On a tree
Golden touch
And silver lining
–Clare, 2nd grade

One gift places under every tree
Under every green tree
One big blue gift is lying around
Green nice tree
–Olesya, 3rd grade

pink stone
heart shaped
rose quartz
–Tasha, 5th grade

2nd meal of the day
delicious, yum
food in my mouth right now
covers all I have to say
–Sabrina, 4th

a gift placed under
a tree, a blue box with
polka a dots
it is a special gift.
–Darina, 3rd grade

Smooth as a silky cloth
Gray and dull like the sky
Fits for my eye
 –Ahbre, 5th grade

Christmas joys filled
With love
Christmas joys filled
With gifts
Christmas joys
Christmas love, Christmas joys, Christmas gifts
 –Jenna, 2nd grade

Gather round the Christmas
tree, love is happy all
–Alyssa, 2nd grade

A present under the
But Christmas is
–Alison, 2nd grade

Christmas. Christmas is coming
Christmas is coming
with love and
also with joy
with fun too
Always have fun
Christmas is coming to
Christmas will always
be with love and joy
–Lizbeth, 2nd grade

Happy Poetry Friday.  Please go to Becky’s Book Reviews for more poetry.  Have a great reading weekend.

Happy Reading.

2 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: First Friday

  1. Love that Clare! Didn’t I point out last time you featured their poetry that I loved what she wrote? I remember that name. They’re ALL fabulous to read. Thanks. And good luck with those boards.