Poetry Friday: Winning Poem and Third Grade Haiku

Yesterday 3rd through 5th grade celebrated “Poem in your Pocket Day”.  Students either had a poem in their pocket or the could turn an original poem into me.  My classes have been reading and writing poetry as well.  Today a winner was selected from the basket of poems and Mikyla’s poem was selected.  She wins a copy of Poems in Black and White by Kate Miller.

This is Just to Say


I have eaten


All of your


That you were probably

Saving for

Your slumber party with

Your friends tonight.

Forgive me

It was so


That I think

I might

Just have to

Eat the rest.


–Mikyla, 4th grade

I read Dogku by Andrew Clements, One Leaf Rides the WindbyCeleste Davidson Mannis, and Wing Nuts: Screwy Haikuby Paul B. Janeczko and J. Patrick Lewis with third grade.  Then they tried some.  I found it helpful to provide some starting lines for them to choose and then have them make it their own.  The one haiku, “WASL”, refers to our state testing that is occurring right now.

My younger sister
Funny, loves to play, she’s two
She’s still my sister

–Darina, 3rd grade

Haiku not fun
Boring, I do not like it
I don’t understand

–Jamal, 3rd grade

one leaf rides the wind
like a wind blows in water
and take it with you

–Olesya, 3rd grade

WASL, so much fun
Can be hard, but yes, still fun
WASL, fun, fun, fun

–Kailee, 3rd grade

right now I am in
library, it is fun
books that read to us.

–Alexus, 3rd grade

Play in the garden
Worms eating ivy leaves
Worm tummy is full

–Aislinn, 3rd grade

Play all day outside
Play with my dog at a beach
I am hungry now.

–Katya, 3rd

Jedi, very cool
Jedi fast and powerful
Jedi have the force

–Bailey, 3rd grade

Loud, fast, and crazy
Dog running in the kitchen
to make some noise

–Justin, 3rd

Lone garden tulip
neatly, leatly in a row
let’s make this flower

–Breanne, 3rd grade

The Well Read Child is doing the Poetry Friday Round-Up today.  Head there for more poetry.

This weekend, I am

heading to Seattle to see my friend’s daughter’s Senior Photography Exhibit at the U of Washington, catching up on my 30 Days= 30 Poems, finishing Copper Sun by Sharon Draper, and going to book club to discuss Maisie Dobbs.

How about you? Happy Reading.


2 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Winning Poem and Third Grade Haiku

  1. Love that apology poem by Mikyla, especially the ending. Clever! Sounds like you had a lot of fun with Poem in Your Pocket day. We loved it at my school.