Poetry Friday: Dreaming for School to be Finished

School gets out next Wednesday. I am dreaming for that day.  It has been a long, wonderful year but I am ready for summer.  So in honor of dreams, I am sharing fro a discovery I made this year over at 7-Imp; Janet Wong’s Night Garden: Poems from the World of Dreams.  The illustrations are by Julie Paschkis, a favorite illustrator.

I dream almost every night. Sometimes as a result I wake up feeling like I had a good chat with my parents.  This is why I loved the line for “The Ones They Loved the Most”:

…”When you are chosen
remember to pull
at the air around you
when you wake
pull and gulp it down,
swallow hard,
and those sweet memories
will stick
like cotton candy.”

And that’s what I do on the nights when my parents visit in my dreams.

And I laughed throughout the “Talking in Her Sleep”.  It reminded me of my college days.  I would retire earlier than my roommate.  Many nights, I would sit up and begin a gibberish sort of conversation and she would recount it the following day. One night, she invited out friends to watch this weird event in our room.  I woke and was not happy.

“Night Garden”, the first poem, is my favorite.  I just love the idea of our mind being a garden rich:

“…dreams grow wild
like dandelion weeds,
feathery heads
with seeds__”

I am looking forward to school being done, my national boards test completed (this Saturday), and time to cultivate the seeds waiting to sprout in my head.

Happy dreaming. Happy Reading.  Poetry Friday reound-up is at A Wrung Sponge today.


4 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Dreaming for School to be Finished

  1. Not until NEXT Wednesday?!?!?! Holy Cow! When did you start, in October????

    Well, be of good cheer, the end WILL come and it WILL be sweet and you DO SO deserve it!

  2. I’m so glad we helped you find it. Woot!

    My college roommate told me I sat up in my sleep one night and started quoting “The Raven” by Edgar Allen (Allan?) Poe.