Poetry Friday: Fall

Jessica brought me a rough draft of this poem.  It was need of line breaks.  Tabbatha, who published earlier, offered to help her with line breaks.  Love that!  


Leaves falling tall and icy trees
As the wind blows
On a cool fall day
Piles of orange and yellow
Leaves lie in the yard
As all the kids play
On a cool fall day

Thank you Sylvia at Poetry for Children for rounding up the poetry.  I round up the poems here next week. 

Happy Reading.  Get out and vote!


–Jessica, 5th grade

3 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Fall

  1. How fun to have children’s voices represented here, too! Love it! Thanks for participating in Poetry Friday at PoetryforChildren this Halloween! Stop by any time…

  2. Playing in piles of leaves — a favorite fall memory! I remember telling Mom that we should bag up the leaves and take them to the kids who lived in the trailer court where there were no trees. I thought EVERY child should be able to play in leaves in the fall!