Non-fiction Monday: Gone Fishing

Kids love to count and count they will in David McLimans’ Gone Fishing: Ocean Life by the Numbers. McLimans, troubled by the current status of ocean life, features 20 ocean species with a play on negative and positive space. In Gone Wild the positive and negative space was done in black and white, this time around black and ocean blue play off each other.


The reader counts up and then counts down. Each number has a part of the featured animal as well as an illustration of the animal.


A quick fact list includes:


Aquatic regions



Did you know that less than one per cent of water on earth is fresh water or that 1 billion people list in coastal urban centers? These are part of the “Ocean Facts by the Numbers” in the middle of the book.

The book concludes with “Diving Deeper” section that has more information about the sea animals featured. It also has a terrific resource page.


Title: Gone Fishing: Ocean Life by the Numbers
Author: David McLimans
Date Published: 2008
Pages: unpaged
Grade: K-5
Publisher: Walker and Company
ISBN: 978-0-8027-9770-4
Source of Book: Publisher sent for CYBILS consideration.

 This book can be used on so many different levels. I like that in a book.

Happy Reading. Happy Thanksgiving.


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