Nonfiction Monday: Winter Trees

I am snowed in today while my district (25 miles to the north) is open for business. Funny thing about the weather around here.

So today is the perfect day to talk about Winter Trees by Carole Gerber. (after a reminder at 7-Imp yesterday about this book).  A boy and his dog discover the magic in winter as they take a walk  in the wintry forest. 

Leslie Evan‘s bold yet simple illustrations makes it easy for even the youngest readers know what someone walking in the winter might see.  The illustration are a combination of linoleum block prints, watercolor and collage.  This book could also be used as a primer for how to draw trees in winter.

Gerber’s text brings the reader along on the walk in a playful way. Yet, within the text is lots of information to uncover about trees in winter. For example:

“They stand distinct as skeletons,
We clearly see the form of each:
the egg shape of the maple tree:
the taller oval of the beech…
The V formation of the birch;
the yellow poplar, wide and high;
the spreading structures of the the oak,
its branches reaching toward the sky.”
The illustrations compliment the text presenting a way to recognize trees in winter.

 A guide for identifying trees is available at the end of the book.

The book is as quiet as the snow keeping me home today.  I have a fascination with winter trees and the fractals they create against the sky.  This would be a terrific book for any young nature lover.

Title: Winter Trees
Author: Carole Gerber
Date Published: 2008
Pages: unpaged
Grade: K-5
Publisher: Charlesbridge
ISBN: 978-1-58089-168-4
Source of Book: Publisher sent for CYBILS consideration.

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Happy Reading.


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