Poetry Friday: The Anaphora Poetry Form

I love a good stretch and Tricia at The Miss Rumphius Effect provided a great one with the “anaphora” form form this week.  In this form a repeating phrase is used. It was one that I used with the poetry club kids.  They had a some success with it.  I shared examples from Tricia’s post, then we created a group one, and finally the students tried their own.

Spring is sweet bee honey
Spring is walking the dogs
Spring is smells like butterflies
Spring is fighting with your brother
Spring is sounds like tweeting birds
Spring is the time you have some fun
Spring is to play outside
Spring is smells like red roses in the yard
Spring is sounds like birds twitching in the morning
Spring is the softest blanket in the world.
“Poetry Club

Spring is in the air
Flowers everywhere
Spring brings bugs to life
Spring has fun and
has its frights.
“Noaa, 2nd grade

Picture me happy
Picture me sad
Picture me being weird
Picture me outside
Picture me being active
Picture me having fun
Picture me running around
Picture me writing poetry
“Malaika, 2nd grade

Spring is sweet as candy
Spring is beautiful flowers
Spring is rainy for flowers
Spring is sweet bee honey
Spring is splashing in puddles
Spring is rolling down grassy hills
Spring is Easter and sunshine
Spring is peace and silence
“Ember, 2nd grade

Picture me happy, my mom walks in the door
Picture me sad as a butterfly
Picture me serious as men
Picture me mad at my friends
“Savannah, 1st grade
I have my original at Deowriter.  Poetry Friday is being hosted at Wild Rose Reader.

Happy Reading.  Happy Spring. (even if it is pouring outside.)


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